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Email migration to Microsoft 365

Since 2021, I've migrated 8+ clients from IMAP or onsite Exchange to Microsoft 365. I migrated one client from Google Workspace to MS 365 (sorry, Google). Follow up included creating new profiles in MS Outlook application and adding accounts to mobile devices.


For businesses, I setup an in-house local Ahsay backup server, which backed up client's selected data folders, SQL server databases, or Active Directory. Clients were monitored daily for backup success or failure.

Datto was used for an every-bit-and-byte backup of servers. Datto is available through partners, such as my previous employer, https://boxlake.com.

For residential backup, I go with Carbonite, which I use, due to its up-to-the-minute backup, and reasonable cost.

All backup solutions are encrypted while in motion or at rest.

a building with a microsoft sign on the side of it
a building with a microsoft sign on the side of it
tilt-shift photography of HTML codes
tilt-shift photography of HTML codes
Anti Virus

Sophos Endpoint protected computers and servers from malicious software. An especially important function that Endpoint brought was the ability to spot, stop, and reverse encryption events.

I use the paid for version for home users, from https://home.sophos.com, on residential computers, and recommend this to my personal clients and friends.

IT Infrastructure Upgrades

Over the years, I replaced many Windows servers, which involved moving data and databases, Active Directory roles, and shared printers. On occasion, I troubleshot and resolved AD replication between servers located at multiple sites.

Related services that I maintained with many years of experience include private and public DNS (the service that changes a URL into an IP address), DHCP (the service that passes out IP addresses to computers on any network), and domain name registration.

WiFi troubleshooting

I used Netspot to create a "heat map" of wifi coverage at a private school. This information helped the school IT team identify where signal coverage was poor. In addition, we found that the SSID did not require a PSK, and many parents were connecting to wifi while waiting.

I recommended replacement of older APs and adding more APs to improve coverage and MCS (a measurement of the quality of the wifi network).

green and black digital device
green and black digital device
Help Desk Assistance

Approximately 80% (an unofficial number of my making) of software or hardware issues can be resolved remotely with 1 or 2 calls.

The caller is usually frustrated at the time of the call, and I was able to take ownership of the issue, and work with the user to resolve it.